A is for... Adenomyosis

A is for… Adenomyosis

The uterus is divided into 3 layers:

⭐️ The inner layer (endometrium) is the lining with a rich blood supply and this is the part that comes away during a period
⭐️ The middle layer (myometrium) is muscle
⭐️ The outer layer (perimetrium) separates the uterus from the rest of the body

In adenomyosis, endometrial tissue grows in the muscle layer. It continues to act as it does in the lining so over the menstrual cycle becomes thick and then bleeds during a period



Symptoms can include:

❤️ Heavy periods that last a long time
❤️ Painful periods
❤️ Feeling of pressure and tenderness when you press down on your lower abdomen/tummy
❤️ Pain during sex

Symptoms usually stop after the menopause


Symptoms can be managed with medication:
💊 Pain may be reduced by taking anti-inflammatory medication or the contraceptive pill
💊 Blood loss can be reduced by medication, including the contraceptive pill

Other procedures include:
⭐️ Uterine artery embolization. The blood flow to the adenomyosis is blocked causing it to get smaller
⭐️ Endometrial ablation. This may help where the adenomyosis is not deep in the uterus muscle, it destroys the uterus lining
⭐️ Only in extreme cases is hysterectomy considered

If you’re concerned please speak to your GP


Written by Julia Hyde
[Reference: Nhsinform.scot, Amazing Illustration: @thechronicallyhonest]