The period product you have been waiting for.

Blood stain remover here to revolutionise your periods!

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Time to revolutionise your period

No more blood stains!

Feel your best self and confidently wear your favourite knickers every day of the month.

Reduce waste and keep your knickers looking like new for longer.

Also brilliant on pyjamas, bedsheets and clothing!

Save My Knickers is...


Successfully removes blood stains time and time again 


Adds no more than 60 seconds to your laundry routine.


Reducing waste, plastic free, vegan and cruelty free.


Feel confident, safe and happy in your favourite knickers every day of the month.

Save My Knickers
Save My Knickers
Save My Knickers
Save My Knickers
Save My Knickers
Save My Knickers
Save My Knickers

Save My Knickers


Buy 2 tubes of Save My Knickers and get FREE shipping!

Stop putting up with the way it's always been and wear your favourite knickers confidently every day of the month.  Remove blood stains from your underwear, clothing and bedding with this tough little powder.

Check out our How To page to see more about information about to use Save My Knickers. 

For more advice and extra tips have a look at our FAQ's.

And to celebrate being featured in JUNO magazine's positive period review we're giving away a free copy of JUNO magazine and 10% off your Save My Knickers order with discount code: FREEJUNO.  There is a limited supply of magazines available, so hurry, don't miss out!

100% happiness guarantee

U.K. based small business

Helping to save our planet

Save My Knickers is:
- Plastic free
- Vegan
- Cruelty free
- Recyclable packaging
- Oxygen based bleach


Our happiness guarantee.

We offer a 100% happiness guarantee.  We're very sure you won't be, but if you're not happy with your order of Save My Knickers you can return it and we'll give you a refund.

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5 star customer reviews

"Blood is notoriously hard to remove but not anymore with Save My Knickers. Bought a tube of this magic dust and I am so glad I did! I would highly recommend to anyone."

Jaclyn G

"Wow wow wow!I am in love with this product.Unapologetically radiating empowerment in it's message, works like an absolute dream and ticks all the sustainable boxes.The Period stain removing product we've all been waiting for!"


"What a gem of a product! No more period pants shame or chucking away knickers with stains that just won't budge.I'm sure there must be a little pinch of magic in each tube; it's so good!"


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All you need to save your knickers is...

- A teaspoon
- A mug
- Some cold water
- Your tube of Save My Knickers 

Check our how how to video to see Save My Knickers in action!

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Save My Knickers is here to revolutionise periods and reduce waste one pair of knickers at a time.

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