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Banishing Bothersome Blood Stains

Blood stains happen.  It's a fact of life.  But now you can save your knickers from the drab end of the drawer with our mighty stain removing powder.  Save My Knickers is helping you remove blood stains – so you can be comfortable and confident in your favourite knickers every day of the month.

Stop putting up with the way it's always been. Pre-order today and your Save My Knickers will to be delivered straight to your front door at our launch in November 2020.

How to remove blood stains...

Pair of clean white Pants



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"Bloody Brilliant!!" - Holly

"Save My Knickers rescued my favourite pair of sausage dog knickers after my period suddenly started. Thank you Save My Knickers!" - Rebecca

"Great results every time!  I am doing my bit for the environment by saving knickers that would have otherwise been destined for the bin." - Tricia

"Five stars! This product is amazing!! It has saved my knickers, which means I no longer have a pile of "period pants", all my knickers are safe from bloody stains!!" - Kelly