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Spend over £20 today and get free delivery!
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Start Saving Your Knickers Today!

Are you tired of those inevitable bloodstains that seem to always ruin you best knickers, comfiest pyjamas and newest bed sheets?
Are you fed up with wearing the same old stained drab pants every month, just to be on the safe side? 
Do you want to be carefree and confidently wear your favourite knickers every day of the month? 

Save My Knickers is the essential, little bit of magic, that you need in your life to make this happen. Save My Knickers is a stain removing powder that has been developed to specifically remove blood stains with successful results time and time again. 

This changes everything!

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How use Save My Knickers

Watch our video below to learn how to remove blood stains and see Save My Knickers in action!