How to Use Save My Knickers


Finally, the answer is here! How to remove blood stains from your knickers, clothing, bedding and anything else you happen to get blood on.  Here's how to use Save My Knickers in just 5 easy steps. 

You will need; Save My Knickers, a teaspoon, a cup and some fresh cold water. 

1. As soon as you can after spotting the stain, use a teaspoon to cover the entire stain with a layer of Save My Knickers.

2. Half a teaspoon at a time, add cold water until the powder becomes a grainy paste. 

3: Gently rub the paste into the stain using the back of the teaspoon.  Don’t rinse off. 

4: Roll your knickers up and put them in cold water to soak and leave over night.

5: Add to your other laundry and wash as usual. 

Now marvel at how your knickers have been saved!!Here's our "How to" video to see Save My Knickers in action.  There are also more tips on our FAQ page or if you still need help please get in touch