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Product – How to use Save My Knickers

- How do I use Save My Knickers? - 
Save My Knickers is really simple to use and adds as little as 60 seconds to your normal laundry routine. 

You will need; Save My Knickers, a teaspoon, a cup and some fresh cold water. 

1. As soon as you can after spotting the stain, use a teaspoon to cover the entire stain with a layer of Save My Knickers. 
2. Half a teaspoon at a time, add cold water until the powder becomes a grainy paste. 
3: Gently rub the paste into the stain using the back of the teaspoon.  Don’t rinse off.   
4: Roll your knickers up and put them in cold water to soak and leave over night. 
5: Add to your other laundry and wash as usual. 
Now marvel at how your knickers have been saved!!

Check out our How To page to see a video with Save My Knickers in action.

- What fabric’s is it safe to use Save My Knickers with? - 
We tested Save My Knickers on a wide variety of fabrics and colours without it impacting on their colour. It is safe to use on all colour safe fabric, including white and black undies. It works well on your pyjamas and bedding too for those pesky leaks. If you have any doubts we suggest testing it on a small area first.

- Where should I store Save My Knickers? -
You don't need to hide your beautiful tube of Save My Knickers under the kitchen sink; it can be displayed for all to see!  But we do recommend keeping your tube of Save My Knickers in a cool, dry place and out of direct sunlight. Please also keep Save My Knickers out of the reach of children.

- What do I do if I get it in my eye or eat it by mistake? - 
If you get Save My Knickers in your eye rinse cautiously with water for several minutes. Remove contact lenses, if you have them in and it’s easy to do so, and continue rinsing as needed. If swallowed, immediately call a doctor.

- I have an old period stain on my knickers, will Save My Knickers work on this too? - 
Save My Knickers works best when used as close as possible to the time the stain happens. It doesn’t work as effectively on old stains that have already been washed, but it might brighten them up a little so no harm in trying.

- In your video you use a mug to put the knickers in overnight to soak. What do you recommend for bigger items like pyjamas or bed sheets? - 
A washing-up bowl or a bucket works well for larger items.  

- What's the best way to put your knickers into soak? -
We have found the best technique for the most effective results is to roll your knickers up before you put them in your mug overnight to soak.  Another tip for a larger items is to use couple of hair bands to secure your items into a little ball to help keep them rolled up while they soak.

- Does it really only add 60 seconds to my normal laundry routine? -
Yes, for a pair of knickers, using Save My Knickers takes less than a minute.  For larger or multiple stains it may take a little longer.

- What temperature wash should I use Save My Knickers with? - 
Save My Knickers is suitable for all temperatures and can also be used at 30 degrees.

- Can I recycle the packaging? -
Yes, you can! Our Save My Knickers tubes are made from cardboard and the safety cap is made from tinplate, both of which are widely recycled.  Watch our for our blog post on other things you can use your Save My Knickers tube for after you’ve finished with it!

- I have a really stubborn stain; it was still there after I had soaked it overnight what should I do? - 
For stubborn stains we would recommend re-applying Save My Knickers and soaking overnight again before washing.

Guarantee – What if I'm not happy with Save My Knickers?

- Can I make a return if I’m not happy? - 
We offer a 100% happiness guarantee but you're not happy and want to return your product, please visit our Returns and Refunds page for further guidance on what to do.

Retail – Where to find Save My Knickers 

- Where can I buy Save My Knickers? -
You can buy directly from us in our shop. We are also be stocked in store in:
- The Bird Cage, Faringdon, Oxfordshire.
- WastO, Witney, Oxfordshire.

Wholesale – How to stock Save My Knickers

- I’d like to stock Save My Knickers in my shop, what should I do? - 
If you’d like to stock Save My Knickers, please email us at and we can arrange this.

Spread the joy – How to share Save My Knickers

- I’d really like to give you some feedback or leave a review, how do I do this? - 
We always love to hear from you! You can either go to our Say Hello page or email us at

To leave a review please go to our Shop page and scroll down to the review section. 

- This product is brilliant!! How do I share it with my friends? - 
We want every woman to know that they don’t have to put up with the way it’s always been, living with drab period pants. Share the joy of Save My Knickers through our social media pages: Instagram and Facebook.

- I really, really love Save My Knickers, how can I be more involved? - 
You can be come a Save My Knickers Ambassador!  Visit our Ambassador page for more information.