Our Story

Save My Knickers Founder

Hello!  My name is Lucy and I am the founder of Save My Knickers.  Save My Knickers started life in my kitchen back in 2019.  I was so fed up with ruining, and then replacing, my knickers (pjs and bedsheets) because of blood stains that I decided to experiment to find a magic solution that could actually remove those annoying stains.  Once I’d discovered the blood stain removing secret that's when Save My Knickers was born.  I then had this crazy idea, that despite my complete lack of business skills and experience, to share Save My Knickers with the world!


At the time I worked for the NHS as a Children’s Physiotherapist; so other than my uni summer job as a windsurf instructor or teenage paper-round, my whole working life had been as a physio.  Ask me to assess someone’s physical skills, help a child learn to walk, or prescribe some exercises and I’d have no problem.  Physios often joke that we can’t even count to 10 (don’t ask me to count how many squats you’re doing unless you want to do double the amount…!) so starting a business was something completely new to me and what a journey is has been.

        Save My Knickers Founder Lucy

Fast forwards to 2023, where we’ve saved tens of thousands of knickers from the bin, Save My Knickers is a multi-award winning product, I was able to leave the NHS to follow my knicker saving goals and I know 2023 is going to be the best year yet.  Thank you for being here, I’m so excited that you’re on this journey with me. 

Save My Knickers Home Office