Our Story

A little message from Lucy....

Hi there,

My name is Lucy, I live in Oxfordshire, UK, with my husband and 3 year old daughter and I am the creator of Save My Knickers.

Save My Knickers started life in my kitchen in 2019 because I was so fed up with blood stains ruining my underwear, pyjamas and bedding.  I have irregular and often heavy periods so blood stains have always been a part of my life.  I couldn’t find anything already available from the shops that actually removed blood stains, so I started to experiment.  Lots and lots of pairs of knickers later and I found something that worked!  I soon realised, after I started telling friends and family about my solution, that I couldn’t keep my discovery a secret.  And that’s when Save My Knickers was born.


I work for the NHS as a Children’s Physiotherapist; so other than my uni summer job as a windsurf instructor or teenage paper-round, my whole working life has been as a physio.  Ask me to assess someone’s physical skills, help a child learn to walk, or prescribe some exercises and I’d have no problem.  Physios often joke that we can’t even count to 10 (don’t ask me to count how many squats you’re doing unless you want to do double the amount…!) so starting a business was something completely new to me and what a journey is has been.


I am very proud to finally say, I have found the solution we’ve all been waiting for; how to successfully remove blood stains and that this is now available for you too.  Save My Knickers is here is to help you confidently wear your favourite knickers every day of the month by successfully removing blood stains when the inevitable happens.  I also want to reduce waste and the environmental impact of the number of pairs of undies, bed sheets and clothing that are thrown away or ruined as a result of blood stains.

Save My Knickers is here to revolutionise your period and I am so excited to have you on this journey with me.  I cannot wait to see where adventure takes us.

Love from,