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Spend over £20 today and get free delivery!
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Our Story

Once upon a time, there was a woman called Lucy.  Every morning when she put her favourite knickers on she would smile; there is nothing quite like wearing your favourite pair of knickers, making you feel happy, confident, comfy, sexy(!).

But she hated that feeling of loss when she would pop to the loo and see that sad, red stain staring back at her. Goodbye beautiful pair of pants, see you next month now that you're relegated to the back of the undies drawer...

One day, she decided enough was enough, there must be a way to stop putting up with the way it's always been.  Because of that, Save My Knickers was born.  Because of that you can rescue your pants from the drab end of the drawer. 

And finally you can wear your favourite knickers every day of the month!