Hello Favourite Knickers

Ah favourite knickers, we all have them!   There’s nothing quite like your favourite pair of knickers is there? The way they bring a smile to your face as you slip them on and the increase in your inner confidence your favourite knickers can bring! For me, they might even have a matching bra too if I’m feeling really fancy. I seem to have a few of these favourite pairs all lined up Marie-Kondo-Style (we’ll discuss this another time!) in my knicker drawer. Waiting for their turn…
You’ll probably, like me, tend to save these favourite knickers for a “special occasion”; date night, a wedding, dinner with a friend, a special day out, holidays etc. How exciting; a chance to wear that super special pair of knickers that make you feel oh-so-lovely with your chosen outfit! But you’ll also have to do the calendar cross check and ask yourself, “am I likely to come on my period?” if the answer is yes, then you have two options.
Option 1: Cheerio favourite knickers, back in the drawer you go until next time and out come old faithful just-in-case period knickers. Your feeling is that you don’t want to get caught out and stain your favourite knickers. Like me, you might hate wasting things, ruining things or throwing things away, so the chance you might get a blood stain on your best knickers scares you into popping them back safely in the drawer until next time. So you might be looking fabulous on the outside but feeling very much a frump with your old knickers (which are probably a little grey around the edges, also likely to be loosing their elasticity, and even the chance of the reminence of an old blood stain from previous just-in-case outings).   It feels like there are more days in the month that these old period knickers get to be the chosen ones instead of my beautiful favourite knickers.
Option 2: You go for the “oh f*** it” approach, with thoughts of “you only live once”, “it’s just a pair of knickers”, “I can buy a new pair”, “I never wear my favourite ones!”.   However, you can guarantee, even with your careful calendar mathematics and you-only-live-once approach, the inevitable happens.   You’ll be mid drinks/dinner/insert other special occasion and you get that feeling. That, “oh I think I need to pop the loo” feeling… On the way you coach yourself “no, it can’t be, not yet, not when I’m wearing my favourite knickers!”. But when you sit on the loo, there it is, the blood stain of doom, staring back at you, all over your favourite knickers.   Hello feeling of sadness, that feeling of loss of your favourite knickers, now forever adorned with a blood stain.   Your smile feels a little less smiley around the edges, that inner confidence just a little lower than it was and your vow to yourself “I’ll just save my favourite knickers for another time”.
But no more! Save My Knickers is here to banish these bothersome blood stains!! Now it doesn’t matter what day of the month it is, or whether you’re going for a dinner date or to the supermarket, you can confidently wear my favourite knickers any day of the month. You are safe in the knowledge that if you are caught out or have a leak that Save My Knickers will come to the rescue to remove the blood stains and save your favourite knickers for many wears to come! No more drab period pants to be on the safe side. Every day you can smile an extra confident smile knowing you have your favourite knickers on and there nothing that can rain on your knicker parade!

Are you ready to save your favourite knickers??