Marie Kondo your Knicker Drawer

Does your knicker drawer always seem to be an untidy, overflowing mess?? I used to end to end up wearing the same few pairs that happen to be easiest to grab on the top of the drawer. That was until Maria Kondo came into my life. I was flicking through Netflix and came across the series “Tidying Up with Marie Kondo”. I had heard of this legend before from her book “The Life-Changing Magic of Tidying Up” published back in 2011, which I had often admired in bookshops but never got around to reading. But here she was in bingeable Netflix form.

For those of you who haven’t read her book(s) or watched the show, here’s how Marie Kondo’s magic method works:

Does it spark joy?
You go through your things, holding each one in turn; if it sparks joy it’s a keeper and if it doesn’t you thank it and pop it in the discard pile.   Looking through my undies drawer it is safe to say that drab period/just-in-case knickers do not bring me joy, at all! Safe in the knowledge that Save My Knickers would come to my rescue I said thank you and bid farewell to my sad old knickers that no longer sparked joy. What I was left with was a pile of my best pants and then it was onto the next part, the folding…

Folding your pants!
The second part of Marie’s magic is how perfectly neatly and organised your drawers look once everything is beautifully folded. How amazing, to open your underwear drawer in the morning and see a neatly folded rows (possibly organised in rainbow colours too) of knickers.

The general rule is to fold things in thirds and so they can stand up on their end. This took a bit of experimenting with knickers, particularly as my knickers drawer is quite shallow, but the results are oh so worth it!! Plus now there is space for my spare tube of Save My Knickers too!!

Have you tried to work Marie Kondo's magic with anything in your life?

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