Time has flown so fast and I can’t believe I missed my one-year-out-of-the-NHS-anniversary!  

Last February I hung up my scrubs to take on full time knicker saving. This last year has whizzed by in such a flash and here’s some of the things I’ve reflected on:

❤️  I have not regretted my decision and it feels so good to have the extra time to commit to Save My Knickers
❤️  Being able to work so flexibly has been invaluable with my daughter starting school and unforeseen family health difficulties 
❤️  My to do list is still never, ever done and I still eat way too many snacks
❤️  Life as a small business owner is one huge roller-coaster; the highs are high and the lows are pretty low
❤️  There’s still nothing quite like the feeling of a sale, positive feedback or a lovely message from a happy customer
Thank you all for being here on this journey with me ❤️
Save My Knickers surrounded by knickers