Tips to Avoid Festive Overwhelm

December in full swing it can be easy to start to feel that festive overwhelm kicking in.  I asked you all for some top tips on avoiding the overwhelm and along with your suggestions of drinking through it, hibernating and getting someone else to do the jobs for you... Here are some top tips to keep grounded over the coming weeks.

🎄Get outside - taking 5 minutes to go for a walk for some fresh air and to be around nature can be a good way to reset and have a breather from the Christmas chaos.

🎄Say no - with social invites coming at you from every angle, this can be particularly overwhelming.  Socialising can be exhausting sometimes and it is 100% ok to say no.   Think about what is going to bring you most joy and do that.  You do not have to fit everything and everyone into your calendar in December if you don't want to.  You could push some of these social occasions to January or even February to spread things out a little. 

🎄Lower expectations - it doesn't have to be perfect, you can't please everyone and something will always not go according to plan.  Keep this in mind, especially if you're taking the lead on cooking/shopping/kids entertainment etc.

🎄Write a list - I love a list.  Lists can be a great way to get all the things that are going round in your head onto paper.  You'll feel better for doing it and less likely to forget something.  Plus who doesn't love that feeling of crossing something off a list!

🎄Eat well - mince pies, mulled wine, cheese, Christmas dinner, chocolates; there is so much yummy festive food around this time of year that we love to enjoy. Sometimes all these extra tasty treats can leave us feeling a little sluggish, so try to intersperse some healthier options between those cheese and wine nights.  Soup is a brilliant way to do this, packed full of veggies and lovely and warming on a cold day.  The same for a good old jacket potato or a roast veg salad.

🎄Early night - it's so easy to burn the candle at both ends at this time of year so trying to get in some early nights in between the festive fun can be a good way to help avoid burning out.

🎄Phones away - To add to the rush of the next few weeks will be the constant ping of the family/school/friend/work group chat.  This constant distraction and stop you from getting things done and be a bit overwhelming to try and keep up with them all so take time to step away from your phone.  

Hope these tips help.  What else do you do this time of year to avoid the festive overwhelm?

Ho, ho, ho; bring it on December!