Beat Those Holiday-Period Blues

Me: "I'm going on holiday!"
My Period: "Amazing, I'll come too."

Nothing worse than that sinking feeling when you realise your holiday is the same week that your period is due 🤦‍♀️

Here are some top tips on how to not let your period ruin your holiday:

🏖 Be prepared; pack a good supply of your favourite period products and if you’re flying make sure you have some in your hand luggage too.

🏖 Stock up on snacks; keep an extra supply of your favourite snacks with you so you don’t get hangry and to keep your energy levels steady.  

🏖 Mini hot water bottles can be great to pop in your bag just in case those cramps hit.  Most café’s will quite happily fill it up with some hot water for you too if you ask 🙂

🏖 Be kind to yourself and your body, take it easy if you need to. 

🏖 Have a supply of Save My Knickers to hand ready to beat those blood stains. If you can’t get to a washing machine on your holiday just give your undies/pjs etc a soak in Save My Knickers while you’re away and then do the same before you get home before you wash them to be extra sure those blood stains disappear.

save my knickers holiday period