What women really think about Valentine's Day ❤️

When you think of Valentine’s Day, what springs to mind?  Hearts, roses, overpriced chocolates and cards, matching lacey red underwear…  But what thoughts do you have after these images?  “A load of hype”, “another day contrived by marketeers”, “waste of money”, “over commercialised”, “I don’t care about it”.  These were just some of things women told us about their thoughts on Valentine’s Day, perhaps you feel the same way too.

We asked women across the UK what they really thought about Valentine’s Day and the results were fascinating.  An overwhelming percentage of those asked said that they are not bothered about Valentine’s Day and only 19% reported to do something special with their significant other! 

When it comes to celebrating Valentine’s Day, we conjure up romantic images of couples sat across the table from each other, staring longingly into their loved ones candle lit faces, in mostly likely, over booked restaurants.  But in reality “Netflix and chill” took the majority vote with nearly 70% choosing this more relaxed and informal evening together.  Going for a casual coffee was another popular choice too alongside the boycott answer of “Valentine’s is rubbish”.  Is this the end of those traditional Valentine’s dinner dates?

It wasn’t just the traditional dinner date that women are pushing back against; nearly 80% reporting “No” when asked if they had special Valentine’s underwear.  And the majority of women also said that red underwear was not for them. 

But there is something to be said about that amazing feeling those extra special knickers give you.  You feel beautiful, sexy, unstoppable; you hold your head slightly higher; you move with more confidence and a spring in your step.  Putting your favourite underwear on makes you feel on top of the world and over half the women asked said they have matching underwear for special occasions.  But why do we save these favourite undies for those special occasions?  What if we could feel favourite-knickers-amazing every day; we’re worth it aren’t we? 

There is one thing that might put quite a lot of women off and that is when mother nature calls and our period pays us a visit.  You might have got caught out unprepared or perhaps your period pad shifted without you realising, or maybe you didn’t change your tampon in time.  There are lots of reasons we tend to play it safe at that time of the month when it comes to our underwear.  It’s likely you have got designated knickers for that week, already with a stain or two, or you wear black ones just to be on the safe side.  But what if you could feel your best self in your favourite knickers every day, period or no period?  Well, you can!  Save My Knickers is the first stain removing powder that successfully removes bloodstains time and time again (and it works on pjs, bedding and clothing!).  The easy way to make every day a favourite knicker day and be kinder to the planet too.  Save My Knickers is plastic free, cruelty free, perfume free and vegan and one tube of this magic powder can save up to 20 pairs of undies from being thrown away.  

So, whether it’s “Netflix and chill”, that hot dinner date, a cosy coffee or a complete Valentine’s shun; feel fantastic and confidently wear your favourite knickers every day with Save My Knickers!